Assistance Required with Expert Evidence Workshops The National Institute of Forensic Science is holding a series of workshops to provide training to expert witnesses regarding court processes. They are looking for assistance in the conduct of these workshops.

The next workshop will be held on Saturday 3 May 2014.  Volunteers will have an opportunity to preside over a moot court involving the examination in chief and cross-examination of an expert witness.  Scenarios and other material will be

provided one week in advance.  If you would like to assist, or would like further information, please contact the workshop facilitator, Anna Davey ( or 0429 966 012). For information about ANZPAA National Institute of Forensic Science please visit

Remand failure – client not brought in?

If you are having the continuing problem of your client not being brought in from gaol for his/her appearance, please send a short description of the circumstances (remand or gaol order, sentence or mention, comments by Magistrate, etc) to Michelle Mykytowycz. She is compiling the next round of information for ongoing discussion with Corrections.

Bail and ‘silent listing’ Practice Directions

The Chief Magistrate has made 2 new practice directions.

Practice Direction 3 of 2014 ‘ forex växla in pengar Silent Listing‘ relates to matters where the accused name should not appear in the public court list. It sets out the procedure and Court contact for safeguarding this information. NB forms must be filed ahead of the listing date according to a timetable. It commences on 12 March 2014.

Practice Direction 4 of 2014 ‘ follow link Bail applications‘ replaces the 2011 Direction. It sets out standard timeframes and requirements for listing. It commences on 17 March 2014.

CISP and CROP changes

source CISP Remand Outreach Pilot (CROP): Here is the brochure for the CROP pilot brochure. This is a pilot program which commenced on 2 January 2014 and will run for 12 months. It provides in-custody assessments for CISP/CREDIT Bail/community supports at MAP, MRC and DPFC and is aimed at reducing waitlist times & facilitating access to assessment for prisoners on remand to assist with bail applications.  It can also be used for regional courts who do not have CISP or CREDIT Bail but where other community supports can be utilised. The referrals can be from legal representatives, the judiciary, self-referral or CISP itself. There will be some prioritization based on age, first time in custody, gravity of offending etc. CROP will not be doing on-going case management but will focus on assessments. It is hoped to expedite the listing of bail applications where previously you may have had to wait 7 – 10 days for a CISP assessment at court.

get link CISP is also changing it’s protocol regarding CISP assessments at Melbourne Magistrates’ Court. When an assessment is booked by a referrer a date will be provided by which all documentation in support of the assessment must be filed – this will be 5 days before the assessment. If the documentation has not been provided the referrer will be notified the assessment will be cancelled. This is to avoid the frequent situation whereby up to 8 daily appointments are pre-booked but where there are regularly 3-4 no shows for appointments for various reasons. In other words, CISP is trying to maximise the efficiency of the appointment system.

Update – JCV Criminal Procedure Manual

The Victorian Criminal Proceedings Manual on the JCV website has been updated to incorporate recent cases.

  • – ‘Between Dates’ particulars
  • 4.4.5 – Determination of committal proceedings
  • 11.5.1 – Change of plea during trial
  • 18.5.2 – Correction of errors in the record

Also, Recent case summaries in the Victorian Sentencing Manual have been updated. The summaries provide guidance on current sentencing practices.