New Jury Directions Act seminar (Monday 27 July)


source The Jury Directions Act 2015 re-enacts the Jury Directions Act 2013 and introduces further significant changes to the jury directions scheme in Victoria. This session will bring together judicial and academic experts to provide an overview of the Act and outline changes to directions and obligations on lawyers under the Act. The event will include presentations and an expert panel discussion to respond to questions to support lawyers in applying these new provisions.

Venue Monash University Law Chambers
555 Lonsdale Street
Melbourne, Victoria 3000

CBA (England and Wales) – questioning young witnesses

A Question of Practice

The CBA of England and Wales has project-led the production of a short film on the questioning of young and/or vulnerable witnesses and defendants. Using court-room demonstrations and interviews with practitioners and judges, the film shows how prosecution and defence advocates can adapt their questioning of these witnesses so that it is developmentally appropriate. It also explores the circumstances in which the judge may decide that an advocate need not ‘put his case’ to the witness and alternative ways in which challenges to the witness’s evidence can be made. You can access the material here.