CCO mental health assessment pilot Community Corrections at Melbourne and Sunshine Magistrates’ Courts will commence a mental health assessment pilot in December 2015. It will run for 12 months. The pilot involves Forensicare clinical staff  being on site to screen the mental health needs of offenders and to advise Corrections during a CCO assessment process. The aim is to ensure resources are targeted effectively to those offenders on CCOs who have demonstrated needs.

Robots for binary options japan Members should be aware of this new service. The pilot will be evaluated later in the 12 month period. Please send any comments to the CBA Committee who will take them up with Corrections when the evaluation commences.

Farewell Mr Muling!

source url On 22 December 2015, Magistrate Dan Muling will retire. For 20+ years he has been at the forefront of the Court’s criminal jurisdiction, particularly as Deputy Chief. He has enjoyed the respect of all who appear before him and inspired confidence in the Court’s ability to deal justly with the most difficult of cases. All we can say, about his departure, is (to quote his Honour), ‘Not Happy Jan!’